Cartoon Oskar & Klaus ride a retro moped
Klaus Is It! Berry Women's Slim Fit Tee
Klaus Is It! Berry Women's Slim Fit Tee
Klaus Is It! Berry Women's Slim Fit Tee
Klaus Is It! Berry Women's Slim Fit Tee

Klaus Is It! Berry Women's Slim Fit Tee

Catch the wave with Klaus-Cat and celebrate 10+ years of his online antics!





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About this merch

Klaus may have caught the attention of the internet as Oskar the Blind Cat's sidekick, but he is without doubt a huge purrsonality all on his own. Whether it's promoting senior cat adoption, or literacy via his children's books, he's always willing to take on a new project!

Throughout his life, which includes a chunk of time as a stray, Klaus battled periodic inflammation of his digestive tract. This resulted in cycles of diarrhea, weight loss, vomiting, and dehydration. While probiotics and rest normally put him back on track, this past year the inflammation became more severe and a full series of tests and scans was performed on Klaus to determine the best treatment plan. Klaus is currently on a regimen of steroids and weekly injections of vitamin B12, plus a special prescription diet hight in probiotics and fiber.

Please consider getting one of these limited-edition Klaus shirts or sweatshirts to show your support of The Klaus. The design is printed in a manner that mimics the look of a vintage shirt that has been worn with love over the years. You'll notice small areas where the shirt fabric shows through the screened text and image, which normally comes after many, many wash cycles and plenty of wear.

We will be using the proceeds from shirt sales to offset some of the veterinary care costs that have added up over the past year. We will also use the money to continue our book donation initiative; award-winning Oskar & Klaus print books and braille books will be donated to schools in the Seattle area and across the country.

Please visit Klaus on Instagram by clicking HERE.

[Special thanks to Petmation for creating the Klaus face which is the key part of this design.] 

Hello There!

Oskar & Klaus are the feline adventure duo that share their real life adventures every day with friends all over the world!


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Klaus Is It! Berry Women's Slim Fit Tee
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