Cartoon Oskar & Klaus ride a retro moped
OSKAR - Never Stop Pushing Sport Grey Hoodie
OSKAR - Never Stop Pushing Sport Grey Hoodie
OSKAR - Never Stop Pushing Sport Grey Hoodie
OSKAR - Never Stop Pushing Sport Grey Hoodie

OSKAR - Never Stop Pushing Sport Grey Hoodie

Celebrate the amazing life of Oskar with the raddest shirt around!





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About this merch

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! We are offering the Oskar skateboarding shirt one more time, although this time with hot new font work that pays tribute to Thrasher magazine AND raised tactile braille printing that you can actually read with your fingers!

Since he made his debut on YouTube as a kitten in October of 2011, Oskar went on a mission to show that world that blindness did not prevent him from living life to the fullest! Although he in no longer part of our physical world, Oskar continues -in spirit- to be an ambassador for special-needs pet adoption, and every month his social media account helps shelters and rescue organizations across the country. From having his sidekick, Klaus, make appearances at events to working with corporate partners that give back to the rescue community, Oskar's legacy is directed toward animal welfare!

Additionally, Oskar worked with blind children and adults, sharing his positive message via two award-winning books (one of which was launched to the International Space Station and read from orbit by an astronaut). He worked closely with the National Federation of the Blind and was not only an honorary member, but served as a braille literacy ambassador!

Show the world the YOU support Oskar's work by buying a limited-edition shirt.

Yes, Oskar rode a skateboard in real life! There's not much that the little adventurer was not willing to try, so an image of a blind cat riding a skateboard is a perfect means of dispersing the key message: blindness does not define what you can or cannot do. We hope that the shirt can start some conversations, and thus bring more people along on our next adventure! We will use the proceeds from shirt sales to support our book donation initiative that has already given away hundreds and hundreds of Oskar & Klaus books to children's hospitals and charities over the past three years!

By the way, the shirt has another talking point: it's the BRAILLE text below the skateboard . It reads "never stop pushing" in grade 1 braille, which means that every letter of the each word is present individually (no contractions). See if you can figure out the individual letters by using the braille alphabet here:

Go, Oskar, go!

PLEASE NOTE: Shirts are printed and mailed after the campaign ends.

Hello There!

Oskar & Klaus are the feline adventure duo that share their real life adventures every day with friends all over the world!


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OSKAR - Never Stop Pushing Sport Grey Hoodie
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